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Hi people! So this is what I've been doing...

2011-06-29 16:06:23 by ErlendHL

Hi everybody! I mean... hi nobody... cause who enters my profile? :P

Since last autumn, I've been working on a tilebased game. I have the engine, and the art, but I miss the hardest things: Artificial Intelligence, perfect collision between two moving objects, and some easy creative stuff.

Here's the last version updated.

I have been planning for weeks, yes weeks, to start with the AI, but I suffer from serious procrastination mainly because I don't know where to start.

So recently I've been making music, music, music. Please check my music!

And today, I uploaded all my art. I am not so good with the technique (Gimp 2).

Add me on MSN?

Unfinished game

2009-09-23 10:46:42 by ErlendHL

Never mind, dead link, old post.